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Industrial Furnaces

We Design And Manufacturer Different Types Of Industrial Furnaces 
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Heat Treatment Furnace

Different Types Of Industrial Furnaces Temperature Capacity Upto 200 Ton.Temperature :200 Upto 1250 C  and High Accuracy in control +/-2 C.
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We design and  Manufacture Different Types Of Industrial & Municipal & Hazardous Waste Incinerators  from 50kg/Hour up to 200 Ton/Day Capacity.
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SCR Power Control

SCR Power Control .Gradual Power Control With Thyristors.Range : 5kw upto 10mw Single Phase And Three Phase
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Melting Furnace

Melting Furnaces For Aluminium,Cooper,Lead,Brass,Zinc etc Capacity :100 Kg  Up to 2 Ton/Hour 
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Refractory Furnace

Refractory Furnace for Refractory Industries Special Design For MgO-C Brick and Arc Furnace Roof Curing.
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 CEMS continuous Emission Monitoring System For Online  Monitoring Of Stack Emissions Like CO,CO2,SO2,NO,NOx,H2S etc
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Spray Dryer

Spray Dryer with Up to 300 Liter/Hour Capacity
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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation and SCADA systems special for Heat Treatment ,Industrial Equipment,Energy Management 
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Energy Management

Energy Management  include online Energy Monitoring and Intelligent control of Energy Consumption of Different Industries 
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Spiral Pipe Preheating Furnace

Spiral Pipe Preheating Furnace for 3 Layer Polyethylene Coating process .
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Industrial Burners

Different Type Of Industrial Burners .from 100,000 Kcal/Hour to 4,000,000 Kcal/Hour .Modulating And ON/OFF Control.

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About Polsar

   Polsar Company Established in 1984 .According to our 35 years of experience we are specialized in manufacturing of various Industrial Furnaces and Equipment with special permission from Iran Ministry of Industries and Mines .Our Head Quarter Located In Tehran and Our Manufacturing Plant With 50000 SQM area located in safadasht Industrial Complex Near Tehran .        

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 POLSAR company has more than 30 years of Experience with exploitation permit from the ministry of Mine and Industries in manufacturing of industrial furnaces.polsar company experts has combined 30 years of domestic experience with latest world technologies in field of localization of waste management and incineration systems.This company is capable to  design and implement waste incineration facilities with upto 200 T/DAY  capacity .

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